Before I get started, I want you to know that above on this page I try to give you as many numbers as I can so that you can make the proper call in regard to if you want to join me. You will see overall records, weekly records, yearly records, records per sport or league, my last 7 to 10 days of game action and then you will see all my records for the individual ratings I used. I hope all this helps

 I am 42 years old (damn time flies). I started at this website on April 27, 2008 (As I said, time flies because that feels like yesterday) 
Here is how I got started in this industry.

 When I was 10 years old I was running numbers for some family members who thought it was cute. By the time I was 23, I was in Las Vegas and when I got here I hooked up with some of the most successful sports gamblers and betting syndicates. 

 Since then, I have picked the brains of the best in Las Vegas and I learned what every successful sports investor needs to learn.

 Patience and Discipline.

 If you are patient and disciplined, you can and will make money.
If you follow me, you will make even more.

 My unit system combined with my money management program works. If you bet every game for your top play you will not make money. Not every game is a top play. 

 I have my rating system listed below my biography and if you use that as a general guideline, you will find yourself being profitable. The system should be followed within your own wagering structure.

 If you are looking for 20-25 games a week then I am not your guy. I release 1 to 2 games per day. Maybe sometimes there will be 3 on a big weekend board. If that is not enough for you, there are no hard feelings, just look elsewhere.

 If you want to be in the 4 to 5 percent of the sports gambling public that WINS year in and year out, I am the guy you need to be with because my numbers and results prove that I am a winner.

I have been on this site for more then 13 full years now:

My only losing year was 2016. Besides that, it has been nothing but winning for myself and my clients

20,000 UNIT MLB

Monday, September 27, 2021

Oakland at Seattle


1-1 Sunday Won 9,000 Units

Only Costs 29 Dollars 26-9 Overall Run Last 35 Plays

Hello all, Frank Patron here and in this industry, to have some really big runs, you need to catch some really big breaks and we caught one yesterday with Miami scoring on the last play of regulation.

I thought the breaks went against us the day before with Utah State in a game that just eventually got away but that is why stuff like that is not worth worrying about because it tends to even out.

Because Miami +4 came through for us over Las Vegas, we post another winning week, which is our 5th straight winning week and 7th out of the past 8. 

I won 5 of the 7 days last week, which won us +40,000 Units of profit 

Overall it is 13 out of 17 winning days as we are having a solid September and the last 6.5 months have been fantastic as I have made +1,011,000 Units of Profit since the week beginning March 8th. It does not get much better then that.

For Monday I have a 20,000 Unit MLB Release for just 29 Dollars
 I am not on the football game.

Purchase by 10 PM EST

30-13 Last 43 Plays Rated at 50,000 Units

241-208-3 in 2021, +781,500 Units


1-1 Sunday won 9,000 Units as Miami +4 was a lucky cover while the Jets were just a dumb call

1-1 Saturday lost 26,000 Units as Utah State +10 (-120) lost while SMU won

1-0 Friday won 20,000 Units as Under Wake Forest / Virginia wins

 1-0 Thursday won 20,000 Units as Over Marshall / App State got there

1-0 Wednesday won 20,000 Units as Minnesota won although they tried to give it away in the 9th.

0-1 Tuesday lost 23,000 Units as Tampa Bay -115 lost

1-0 Monday won 20,000 Units as Under Seattle / Oakland came in

(My Weeks Begin on Monday)

6-3 Week of September 20th, +40,000 Units
10-4 Week of September 13th, +135,000 Units
10-2 Week of September 6th, +134,000 Units
 7-7 Week of August 30th, +23,000 Units
 7-5 Week of August 23rd, +99,000 Units
7-9 Week of August 16th, -21,500 Units
8-4 Week of August 9th, +76,500 Units
8-3 Week of August 2nd, +68,500 Units
5-10 Week of July 26th, -143,500 Units
6-9 Week of July 19th, -79,000 Units
No Plays Week of July 12th
No Plays Week of July 5th

7-3 Week of June 28th, +81,500 Units
7-6 Week of June 21st, +39,000 Units
7-6-1 Week of June 14th, +19,000 Units
6-7 Week of June 7th, -7,000 Units
6-8 Week of May 31st, +62,000 Units
9-5 Week of May 24th, +70,500 Units
3-8 Week of May 17th, -112,000 Units
8-6 Week of May 10th, +76,000 Units
6-8 Week of May 3rd, -26,000 Units
11-3 Week of April 26th , +159,000 Units
8-6 Week of April 19th, +22,000 Units
7-7 Week of April 12th, +53,000 Units
6-8 Week of April 5th -13,500 Units
8-4 Week of March 29th  +4,500 Units
4-8 Week of March 22nd, -115,000 Units
8-4 Week of March 15th +58,000 Units
8-2 Week of March 8th, +308,000 Units
3-4 Week of March 1st, -91,000 Units
5-6 Week of February 22nd, -182,000 Units
6-7-1 Week of February 15th, -56,000 Units
10-3-1 Week of February 8th +225,000 Units
5-3 Week of February 1st +169,000 Units
2-8 Week of January 25th -145,000 Units
5-2 Weeks of January 18th, +153,500 Units
3-7 Week of January 11th, -158,000 Units
6-10 Week of January 4th, -136,000 Units
January 1st - 3rd, -9,000 Units


78-64-2, +286,000 UNITS

9-5 Week of December 28th, +31,500 Units
6-7 Week of December 21st, +8,000 Units
10-8-1 Week of December 14th, -16,000 Units
7-2 Week of December 7th, +86,000 Units
2-6 Week of November 30th, -123,000 Units
2-6 Week of November 23rd, -159,000 Units
7-3 Week of November 16th, +115,000 Units
7-1 Week of November 9th, +139,500 Units
4-3 Week of November 2nd, +23,000 Units
5-4-1 Week of October 26th, +68,000 Units
6-5 Week of October 19th, +13,000 Units
6-6 Week of October 12th, +47,500 Units
7-3 Week of October 5th, +53,000 Units


241-208-3 in 2021, +781,500 Units

189-165-4 in 2020, +526,500 Units
(4 months off due to covid shutdown)

277-205-10 in 2019, +1,219,000 Units

307-277-6 in 2018, +471,009 Units
242-194-5 in 2017, +608,000 Units


We had 4 months off in 2020 due to Covid-19 and we started back up on July 23, 2020. I kept records in all sports, win or lose, from that time through July 22, 2021. These records and profit / loss are listed below. You will also see that I have records now starting on July 23, 2021. I believe in doing everything by calendar years which is why you see this.

 These records below are for full calendar year
July 23, 2020 Through July 22, 2021
+834,000 Units of Profit

78-63-1 in the NFL & CFB Combined
+552,500 Units of Profit

38-40 in MLB, -16,500 Units
88-67-1 in the NBA, +645,000 Units
43-47-1 in College Hoops, -531,000 Units
0-1 on a 5,000 Unit 3 Team Parlay

I went 38-38-1 in the NFL, +378,500 Units
I went 40-25 in College Football, +174,000 Units
I went 27-21 in the NBA Return, +36,500 Units
I went 29-20 in MLB 2020 Season, +152,500 Units


These Records are from 7-23-21 through today
71-51 Overall, +392,000 Units

10-5 in CFB, +160,000 Units
in NFL, +109,000 Units
 in MLB, +158,000 Units
4-5 in NFL Preseason, -15,000 Units
in UFC, -20,000 Units


78-41-3 With Featured CFB Plays Last 13 Seasons

 From April 27th, 2008, I am 2676-2144-81 +6,003,629 Units
(Made All this Profit With an Average Release Around 20,000 Units)

I am 987-881-19 on 10,000 Unit Plays
(Bonus Plays)

I am 1,039-784-33 on 20,000 Units Plays
(Average Plays)

 I am 409-304-12 on 30,000 Unit Plays
(Average Plays)

 I am 14-13-1 on 40,000 Unit Plays
(Rarely Used)

 I am 159-111-11 on 50,000 Unit Plays
(Featured Plays)

 I am 68-51-5 on 100,000 Unit Plays
(Top Featured Plays)


I have been on this site since April 27th, 2008.  In those 13 years I have posted 12 Winning Years and while 2020 was not nearly as profitable for us as 2019 was, it was still a solid winning year.

It was certainly a different type of year with the Covid-19 shutdown which is why there were less plays than usual. But we got through it with a profit.

189-165-4, +526,500 Units

Folks, as is always the case, I have not won every game.
 However, I have been the model of consistency year in and year out... FOR 13 YEARS NOW

Daily Results

10,000 Unit Plays

 These are my Bonus Releases. No matter what I release during the day, I generally have a 10,000 Unit Bonus Play to go along with it.  If your average bet is 100 dollars, bet 50 on these plays.

20,000 Unit to 40,000 Unit Plays

 20,000 Unit Plays are the average play for me. It is the rating I use most throughout the year. If your average wager is 100 a game, then you put 100 on these plays. 

30,000 Unit plays you can step out a little with a 150 dollar wager. 40,000 Unit plays you can play up to 200. I do not use a 40,000 Unit rating very often.

50,000 Unit to 100,000 Unit Plays

 Simply my cream of the crop. These plays will always be accompanied by Extra Free Days of service if I lose them. 

 They are very rare but when they pop up, you need to be on them for sure. You can play these games for whatever your top wager might be.

I am saying it right here for all to read. I have been on this site since 2008. My rating system has never changed and I will never release a play rated higher than 100,000 Units. I promise you, it will never happen.

**Important Note** Please do not wager more than you can ever afford to lose. Stay within your own limits, follow this system and you will be fine.


Rated at 1000 Units whenever I release one. Use at your own discretion

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