Mike Jacobs was born and raised in the Mecca of gambling and sports wagering, Las Vegas, Nevada. 

 Mike is now 51 years old with Over 30 years of handicapping and sports wagering experience.

 "I come from a family of Gambling addicts that have found ways to maximize profits while reducing risk and that formula has led us to make millions upon millions in this business."

 The key words there are Reducing Risk, Maximizing Profits. That is what the Jacobs Family has consistently done to Vegas and will forever be remembered for. 

 "My whole family, everyone I know has either worked in, as, or for a Casino, Sportsbook, Poker Room or Sports Advisory Firm."

 With all his years of experience and learning the system, he has developed a system that is proven and works when it comes to sports wagering.

 "Go ahead and play those rigged table games at these beautiful hotels and casinos that were built on the losses of good, hard working people."

 "If you wager 2,000 Dollars on blackjack they will comp your entire trip. If you walk up to the sports book and wager 10,000 Dollars, all you get is a couple drink tickets. Why do you think that is?"

 Mike will give you all the tools along with all of his years of knowledge and experience so you can make the right decision on a daily basis. You will be able to reduce risk and maximize profit right along him. 

What I do is Win.... Plain and Simple.

20,000 UNIT NFL WEEK 3

Monday, September 27, 2021

Philadelphia at Dallas


Just 1 Play Tonight

Only Costs 29 Dollars Must Win or Tomorrow is FREE

Mike Jacobs here and there is nothing we can do about that one Saturday. It might be my most ridiculous loss ever as I had the Under 57 Georgia State / Auburn. 

It was 24-19 with a minute left and it took just utter craziness to get that game over the number. Frustrating loss but it happens. All total we went 1-1 and lost 23,000 Units but it should have been a 40,000 Unit Plus day.

Sunday I went 1-1 with a bad call on Chicago and a winner on Cincinnati

Lets bounce back today in the NFL as I have a 20,000 Unit NFL Play.

Get both for just 29 Dollars


Last week we went 9-5 and won 64,000 Units

2 weeks ago we went 7-6-1 and lost 6,000 Units

3 weeks ago we went 6-4 and won 40,000 Units

4 weeks ago we went 5-7 which won us 1,500 Units

5 weeks ago we went 8-5-1 and won +63,000 Units.

6 weeks ago we went 8-6 and won +20,000 Units. 

7 weeks ago we went 9-3-1 and won +105,000 Units.

Guys, I have been on this site since 2008. Scroll down and look at all my numbers. I do not believe in, nor do I rely on, hype. 

I believe in having a good product and providing results. You can make the decision on whether or not you want to be with me.


1-1 Sunday lost 12,000 Units as Chicago was a bad call while Cincinnati won 

1-1 Saturday lost 23,000 Units in stupid fashion as Under 57 Georgia State / Auburn lost while Oklahoma State won

 2-0 Friday won 41,000 Units as Syracuse plus the points and +210 on the money line both win

0-2 Thursday lost 31,000 Units as Texas and App State both lost

2-0 Wednesday won 35,000 Units as Seattle +125 and the Giants both won

2-0 Tuesday won 47,000 Units as the Cardinals +185 hit along with Under Blue Jays / Rays

1-1 Monday won 7,000 Units as Green Bay won while Toronto lost

2021 Overall Record & Profit / Loss
289-210-5, +1,441,250 Units
(1-0 on Blank Check Games)

143 Out of 248 Winning Days in 2021
(21 Days No Plays)

301 Out of 509 Winning Days

419-327-7 Last 753 Releases
497-365-7 Last 869 Releases

2020 Overall Record & Profit / Loss
232-164-5, +674,300 Units

From 12-17-20 Through Today
298-228-5, +1,514,500 Units
(Plus a Blank Check Winner)

12-17-19 Through 12-16-20 
226-154-4, +632,000 Units

12-17-18 Through 12-16-19
400-326-14, +1,131,250 Units
(Plus a Blank Check Winner)


Overall Record At This Site
1552-1121-47, +5,574,750 Units 
(Plus 2-0 on Blank Check Games)

5,000 Unit Plays 652-572-26

10,000 Unit Plays 332-199-7

20,000 Unit Plays 518-308-13

30,000 Unit Plays 35-31-1

50,000 Unit Plays 14-11

2-0 on Blank Check Plays

NCAAF 230-125-4 Last 359 Plays, +1,213,750 Units
10-7 This Season, +23,500 Units
(Plus a Blank Check Winner)
 NFL 213-141-21 Last 375 Plays, +668,000 Units
12-6-1 This Season +63,000 Units
26-22-1 Last Season +75,500 Units

NBA 401-289-7 Last 697 Plays, +1,392,750 Units
105-68-1 This Past Season, +487,500 Units
(Plus a Blank Check Winner)

NCAA BB 276-210-12 Last 498 Plays, +502,000 Units
66-53 This Past Season, +301,500 Units

MLB 419-314-2 Last 735 Plays, +1,465,500 Units
112-80-2 This Season, +669,500 Units

31-25 NCAAF 2020 SEASON

51-24-1 NCAAF 2019-20 SEASON

53-22-1 NCAAF 2018-19 SEASON

38-9 NCAAF 2017-18 SEASON

Daily Results


Average Wagers Released Most Often:

5,000 Unit

10,000 Unit

20,000 Unit

Play these plays for whatever you are comfortable for within your own formula. I do not believe in telling people how much they should wager. It is your money, that is up to you to decide. Whatever the case may be, just keep these plays within the framework of your average wager. If your average wager is 200 dollars, put 200 on the 20,000 Unit plays and 100 on the 10,000 Unit plays


30,000 Unit Plays

50,000 Unit Plays

 These are my best, highest rated releases. I do not release them often but when I do I win them at a very solid rate. So obviously just step up your wagers in relation to whatever your average bet was. If your average wager is 200 dollars, bet 300 on 30,000 Unit plays and 500 on 50,000 Unit plays


Always will be rated at 500 Units. Play below your average move.

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